Documentation Requirements

Each visa subclass has differing documentation requirements.  We will guide you on the documentation requirements for your particular visa as part of our full service, however this information is a good start (it is not an exhaustive list,and intended as a guide to get you started).

All documentation must be correctly certified.

Personal Identity documents

  • Copy of your full birth certificate (not extract) to prove who you are, and your date of birth.
  • Copy of the bio-page of your passport (the page with the photo and particulars).
  • Copies of all marriage/divorce certificates.
  • Contact details, including land-line, mobile, email address.

General Skilled Migration Applications

  • Evidence of valid positive Skills Assessment for your occupation.
  • Evidence to support the claims made in your Expression of Interest (this includes evidence of your past employment experience in the form of Employer References and Payslips/Tax Returns.
  • Evidence of offer of State Nomination (if applicable).
  • Evidence of qualifications, including certificates and full academic transcripts.
  • Evidence of English Language proficiency, for you and any secondary applicants over age 18.
  • Evidence of relevant registrations in Australia (if your occupation requires registration).

Family Visa Applications

  • Certified copies of birth certificates for partners, parents or other relatives applying to enter Australia.
  • For partner visa applications you will need to provide evidence of the 12 month relationship requirement.   This will require significant relevant information, and is a fundamental part of Partner visa applications.
  • For Partner and Prospective Marriage visas, you will require signed form 888's to make a valid application, along with statements from each partner.
  • For other family visa applications, evidence of the relationship between sponsors and applicants (eg: birth certificates and marriage certificates in order to prove the existence of the family relationship).

Student Visa Applications

  • Certified copies of academic transcripts and qualifications.
  • Offer letter from educational institution at which you intend to study in Australia.
  • Evidence of Overseas Student Health Cover.
  • Evidence of sufficient financial capacity.
  • Evidence to assist with meeting Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements.
  • Evidence of your previous qualifications, including certificates and academic transcripts.

Employer Sponsorshi - Business documentation

  • Copy of certificate of registration for tax purposes (ABN)
  • Copy of certificate of business name (if operating under a trading name)
  • Certificate of Registration with ASIC (if a company)
  • Relevant pages of the trust deed specifying parties to the trust (if operating as a trust)
  • Balance Sheet & Profit and loss statement for most recently concluded financial year (or the most recent ones available)
  • Business Activity Statements
  • Organisational Structure chart
  • Employment contract for a full time position indicating base salary, total remuneration and conditions of employment.
  • Detailed position description including specific tasks and duties of the position
  • Evidence of equivalent terms and conditions
  • Evidence of meeting Training Benchmarks
  • Evidence of Labour Market Testing (if required)
  • Evidence of Regional Certification (if required)

We regularly work with Australian businesses, and can help them to prepare all of this information.

Employer Sponsorship - Employee documentation

  • Certified copy of passport bio page for each applicant (the one with the photo and personal information).
  • Certified copy of birth certificates showing both parents names, for all applicants.
  • Certified copy of all marriage/divorce certificates.
  • Evidence of 12 month relationship (de-facto partners)
  • Certified copy of evidence of name change (if applicable)
  • If any applicant has served in the armed forces, certified copies of military service record or papers
  • Current CV for primary applicant
  • Certified copies of your work references
  • Certified copies of qualifications and academic transcripts
  • Evidence of English language proficiency